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The world of art is boundless and paper is everywhere. These two different elements combined can create a significant beginning to many creative adventures. Paper is the most inexpensive and readily available material, yet it is often forgotten and neglected as a craft, hobby and art medium.  In addition, papercrafting is a skill that can be acquired rather easily. It motivates the mind to be more creative and what’s more, kids and even adults love paper art!

Personally, the best part of paper crafts, origami, paper dolls and such is that you can do it by yourself. This site was primarily to encourage more people to craft their own beautiful or cute items with their own hands – it will have more sentiment when you’ve put your thought and effort into it. Also, it will mean more to those who receive them.

This site is devoted to papercrafts and art. Paper models is just one of the many topics canvassed alongside: paper dolls, letterheads, cards, packaging, notepads, orgami and more. You can use the ideas straight from the site or add your own creativity and style to give it your unique flair – it is all up to you! Our main purpose is to help you start out and to provide you with inspiration and information.

It’s a fun and great pastime, one which you can do with your friends and family.  You can even do it for your loved ones. I will keep on posting new ideas and templates from time to time and hope it’ll be of great help to all!



.The content in this blog is for sharing and fun. Paper Art Creative does not have any relationship with any company or site mentioned in our posts unless explicitly stated.


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