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Airliners papercraft – Airplane paper model by Paper Replika


A few selection of DIY paper airplanes, free template by Paper Replika.

Hi all, I have been busy with personal stuff and let this blog abandoned for few days. I’m sorry for that. By the way, paper model that I promised in my previous post may need to be postponed. I finished the basic template, but I still need to test build it first and capture a sample picture before I can feature it here. Till then, enjoy this airplane papercraft model special by Paper Replika.

For a paper model fan, Paper Replika is a well known site as cool as paperinside. Well, since they produce their own papercraft work and share the template with readers for free. But thats not all, the most important  thing is their paper models are high grade and good quality, as expected from a papercraft artist, a full time paper modeler such as Julius Perdana.


Avianca A330-243 airplane papercraft


This airplane papercraft, Avianca A330-243 paper model is his latest art work for airliners series. A well made airplane paper model If I could say. There are more of them such as Air Transat A330-243, Monarch Airlines A330-243, Airbus A330-243 Hainan Airlines. I’ve never heard of them but some people may be used to their names since they are based on types of airplane and companies name in certain countries.

For this Avianca airplane paper model, the download link can be found at bottom of the post, pdf format. But you need a password to open view and print the template (paper-replika.com). Well, all of the templates by paper replika use the same password, way to protect their hard worked template. Next, for assembling instruction you need to refer the previous post – Airbus A330-234 Garuda Indonesia. All of them use the same design, so it’s reasonable to provide only one reference for tutorial. And don’t forget to check his vespa paper model too, it’s my favorite :D


Since I have personally received paper replika approval you may expect more reviews of Paper Replika art work in the future. My resources are getting bigger, hehe. Till then, happy  crafting!

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One comment

  1. meerkat

    say..do you know what happened to paper-replika.com website? I can’t get in. Everytime I tried, Windows just say “Operation aborted”. What’s going on with Jules’s website?


    Fath Reply:

    Are you using ie ( internet explorer )? If so, try change to firefox or opera. It’s a problem due to bad scripting. Hopefully Jules knows about this because his internet explorer fans are missing him and his works

    meerkat Reply:

    Hi Fath, thanks for the help. I manage to get in using Firefox. I have left a not in Jules’ guestbook about the IE problem. Many thanks. CHeers

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