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Anime papercraft: Roronoa Zoro One piece cubeecraft


My first work on paper craft model specifically for cubecraft. Check this cubeecraft of Roronoa Zoro, the first mate of Strawhat pirate in One piece manga and anime.

I better admit that I’m a hardcore fan of One piece, my favorite manga of all time. I bet every manga lover know this manga that I’m talking about, definitely a masterpiece by Echiro Oda. Up till now 558 chapters of one piece manga has been published not including anime and movies and it has become a hot topic of discussion in many forums for anime and manga lover circle around internet.

Roronoa Zoro is my favorite character besides Luffy. He’s a  bounty hunter before he joined the crew and his trademark is carrying and fighting using his three swords or katana, the Japanese term for it. Even though he hasn’t eat any devil fruits, he’s still renowned as one of the elven supernovas with bounty exceed ing 100mil berry. Oh well, his awesomeness will take three posts just to explain it. So I better stop for now :P


Roronoa zoro onepiece cubeecraft


This cubecraft is made using default template of cubeecraft with a little modification made on my own . The template can be found at cubeecraft.com. By the way, my inspiration is definitely from art works by Paulinone. I’m also thinking on submitting this cubecraft to participate in the contest that is being manage by him and his fan club members. Well, just for the sake of joining the fun but not for winning actually ^0^. You better check my previous posts on many of cubecrafts by Paulinone and check this cubeecraft contest by cubeecraft fan club to know the details about it. Of course you can join too if you are interested.


Download Roronoa Zoro Onepiece Cubeecraft template


You can download the template using the link above (.jpg format, 153kb). As for tutorial, it is the same as the other cubecrafts. But you might need glue to stick the both part of  the swords together. Zoro uses three swords and his unique style is using his both hands and mouth to hold the swords. So need a little cutting to fit the swords. I think you won’t have any problem making this. Just follow the roronoa zoro cubecraft sample above. Till then, look forward to my next cubecrafts and paper models. May be the other nakama of Strawhat pirate :D

Happy crafting !

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