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Another free train paper models for your collection


Papercraft train directory – yet another paper trains to collect. 16 paper train designs, free printable template.

I did mention that train paper model is rarely found on the internet, instead there are whole lot of other vehicle such as cars and bikes. But i guess I’m wrong. Just today I found 2 3 site which offer free train papercraft template. And mostly from japanese sites. As for now, instead of post it one by one I’ll just make it easier by sharing the site directly so you can choose which pattern you prefer.


Train papercraft model


The site I’m talking about is pc-maker.net. It offer not only paper trains but paper buildings as well. But it seems they are more on paper trains for now. As for building they choose the famous buildings in Japan such as Yokohama Landmark Tower and such. Which I think may be not too appeal among worldwide user. But I still solute their spirit and hard work. It seems they were made with care, look detail and best of all the templates are all free.

Back to the paper trains, they divide them into four main categories, shinkansen, express, local and others. They are all colorful and I think they were made using real train as model. And till I made this post, there are already 16 paper trains available to be shared.

Just one thing to add, there are no assembling instruction provided though I do not think you will need any. Making a paper train is most likely assembling a cube or box model, even kids can make it. Do you think so?

So, enjoy the papercraft for now. I’ll try to be more active in the future. More paper craft and model to come. Visit the site using the banner below.

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