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Another valentine pop up card design, free printable template


Yet another pop up card designs for st valentine’s day with free template to download. Simple love shape, teddy bear and cupid pop up card.

Another collection of pop up card, special for this valentine that you can download and make. These pop up cards are specially design by japan paper museum and so far there are only 3 designs that you can choose. I personally like the teddy bear one.. heh

Hmm, I wonder if I will receive anything for this year valentine.. because I have this mixed feeling. I’m not doing good with my dear lately, only have a phone call every 3 4 days for just few minutes to say hi, exchange news and talk about work. *sigh*


Teddy bear Valentine's day pop up card


Ok, forget about me and concentrate on the valentine’s pop up cards. All 3 are cute, and the templates are free. So what are you waiting for. The site where you gonna visit is in Japanese but the download buttons are easy to notice. They are next to the cards image. The top 2 buttons are for template and assembly instruction.  And for a note, though the site is in Japanese there is no single Japanese text on the cards. All are in English, so no worries. Check them yourself by visiting the site using banner below.

Wish you a very Happy Valentine and happy crafting.



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  1. linda vos

    Thank you for the downlaod. We will be making cards in our high school craft club.


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