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Free characters of final fantasy series paper models


Grab this cool papercraft model pieces of your heroes from final fantasy series, Cloud Strife, Yuna, Auron and Rikku. Yup! It’s final fantasy.. just like the miniature models ain’t enough (^-^)

I bet you can find many fans making paper model templates of final fantasy series. But today my choice is the art works by Ninjatoes. They are neat and come with tutorial as well, which is great. Yes, because others do not provide folding instructions or tutorials for their templates :/


Final fantasy paper model


Ok, I bet most of kids nowdays who spend their time playing video game especially PlayStation know the characters of the paper model I’m presenting today. They are Cloud from Final Fantasy VII who is my favorite, Yuna and Riku from Final Fantasy X-II and Auron. Hmm, I wonder if the author will also make the game’s main antagonist, Sephiroth. I kinda like the dude.

Anyway, congratz to ninjatoes for successfully making these paper models. I really love them. I wish he can complete the other final fantasy heroes soon. So guys, if you wanna grab the templates, just use the banner below, alright !

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  1. zibens

    Cyrillic Not Available (… Looking at the pictures even can not believe figures from the paper …


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