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Crayon Shin Chan Cubeecraft – A tribute to Usui Sensei


It is an ugly papercraft product by me again, This is a cubecraft of Shin chan as a tribute to the late Yoshito Usui, one of my favorite mangaka.

I guess not many people know Yoshito Usui, but I bet there are a lot of people who love his work. He’s the author and creator of Crayon Shin Chan which is pretty famous in Japan, and other Asian countries. Following Usui sensei tragic death, he was reported to be missing by his wife on the 11th of September, after going for his normal hiking routine at Gunma Perfecture the day before the report. Then a dead body was found 120 meters below the cliff of Arafune Mountains around 8 days later. Hmm, the legendary creator was confirmed dead at the age of 51, a death that will be mourned by many of his fans, including me. :( (


Crayon shin chan papercraft


About Crayon Shin Chan, it is a very interesting fictional story about a very mischievous and a carefree five-year old boy name Shinnosuke Nohara who could make the world of everyone who are close to him go round. A young pervert with a kind heart, got it? An ugly drawing yet so charming. That’s the one unique feature you will find in the Crayon Shin Chan manga and anime. But the most interesting part is definitely the hilarious humor that will bring a non-stop laughter to its readers. Everybody who read it will definitely agree with me on this :D I also attached the craft of Shin Chan’s beloved dog, called ‘Shiro’ – meaning white. I wonder what’s to become of this manga and anime… but one thing for sure, we’re going to miss Usui sensei, and his wonderful artworks.


Download Shinnosuke Nohara (shin chan) papercraft template


Ok now, the template patten is in jpg format, 136kb, letter size. For a cubeecraft it’s recommended to use a thick paper (I use glossy paper to make it look shiny). Anyway, I’m sorry for not able to show a better image for the sample. The picture was taken using a very cheap mobile phone =.=”

Tutorial is the same as other cubecraft, need a little cutting here and there (cut through the bold line).  You will also need glue to stick the hands and ears together. Just follow the sample pic.

I updated the template pattern with a little modification. Please inform me if there is any error part. Till then, happy crafting.

May Usui sensei rest in peace.


Short video tutorial on how to fold and make shin chan papercraft


P/S : Never read Crayon shin chan? – Try it here : Read crayon shin chan manga online. We don’t have any association with the site. And don’t blame us if you have gotten stomach cramps for laughing out loud.

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One comment

  1. paulo oliveira

    Nice one!A little “Naif” style,but Shin Chan is ugly anyway.


    Fath Reply:

    Haha, so true. He’s ugly but that’s the most charming part. It hasn’t improve much even after 19 years. I guess it’s intentionally made to be like that.

    P/S: I received your papercraft. I’ll make sure to post your work after this. Thanks for your support.

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