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Cute papercraft of Java sparrow, free printable template


First of all, thanks to Marubundo for sharing this cute paper model, his own art work and that’s what makes it all very special! If you are guessing what type of bird is this, it’s called Padda oryzivora (Java sparrow, Ricebird, Reisfink, Padda de Java, or Buncho). Well, it’s just that different places has their own name, although it’s the same bird after all.

It looks cute isn’t it? And it comes with variety of colors. The patterns and designs look similar but it comes in extra colors variation for each type – Normal (Wild type), Sakura (Pied), Silver (Opal), Fawn (Isabel, Cinnamon), White, etc. You will find more of them on the template page.


Java sparrow paper model


After a moment, if I can completely make all of them, I can open a zoo of paper sparrow for sure :P Only if the author could make a slightly different pose for each bird. But it doesn’t matter anyway, because there are more than 30 colors for you to choose. They are actually more than enough for me to handle – 2 types of sparrow and there is even a black and white template which will depends on users on how to decorate it. It’ll be a perfect practice for kids too! Also don’t forget to check the assembling tutorials. It is a step by step instruction with images.



The site is in japanese. Fortunately, the author has prepared an english page for users like us. Without waiting any longer, use the link banner below to check out the page. Happy crafting !

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3 comments so far

  1. Lauren

    i think that all of the templates for the 3d paper art are so fantastic! i am dying to print alot of them but my printer hasnt got enough ink! i love this website :)


  2. Allie

    This are so cool!! I’m thinking of making them and incorporating them into the centerpieces of the tables at my wedding


  3. Athena

    How do u print them out??


    Fath Reply:

    You need to visit the craft page using the banner above “check out site” then download the template of your choice. It’s an image, jpg format. You can find the template links next to the images. gd luck !

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