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Design Your Own Paper Box Template – Accessories Box


How to design your own mini paper box, self-made papercraft box? Try to use this blank printable template. (microsoft publisher format)

Sorry if the title mislead or you come looking for another type of box. This paper box is not for gift I guess. It’s more like for personal use to hold tiny things like small piece of papers, accessories and other small and cute junks.

The nice thing about this box is the fact that you get to choose the pictures, graphics and colors as you desire for your own use. And if you want a much better quality mini box, just use a higher quality card board papers than the normal 100 gsm A4 papers. Check my sample and a simple instruction on making it at the bottom of this post.


Self-design mini box papercraft



The image shows my own template design. Just as a sample that I can show you today. It was designed from the original blank template for you to get a view and an idea of how the template’s look like ;) But well, I’ve uploaded the template too (box that is displaying above). So you can download it using the download banner below, letter size, pdf format ready to be printed out.

As for the blank template, click the next blank template image. The blank template is for A4 size, Microsoft Office publisher format so that it can be modified and you can insert your preferred image easily. ( On my table right now is a paper box with my family picture on it :D )

Ok, for tutorial, Just insert any image > order it to back > re-size or whatever and its done. For assembling, you just need to cut through the lines and glue each side to form a box. While the bottom doesn’t need any glue, just a little folding technique where you slip the ending into each other.

Anyway, if there are any request for any other type of file formats just contact me and pretty sure I can have it arranged and done soon.


Simple steps on inserting picture into the template

Insert image from file using menu

Step 1 – Insert image from file using menu


Make the picture a background (Order > Send to back)

Step 2 – Make the picture as a background (Right click: Order > Send to back)


Move the picture around to fit the blank space

Step 3 – Move the picture around to fit the blank space

Use the same technique to fill the another part and there you go. You mini box template is ready to be processed / printed.


While looking for another type of box to share, I found this page which I thought is quite nice. It provide a few design of paper boxes. Each with 2 option of templates, A4 and A6. So if you are looking a bigger size of box, make sure to check it out.

Free Paper Box, Box templates A4 and C6 ]

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