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Pokemon PaperCraft : Drifblim Nidoking Shimama


Pokemon for July, Drifblim, Nidoking and Shimama paper model.

The last pieces of pokemon that were made in July 2010 by paperpokes team. There are 3 of them; Drifblim, Nidoking and Shimama. You better not forget to check the rest in my previous post. For reminder, Paperpokes prepared 6 pokemonĀ  in July so I split them into 2 posts.


Drifblim Nidoking Shimama


As usual, lets check what these cute papercraft are though I’m sure most of pokemon fans can already guess their names and features.


Drifblim is a ghost type same with Drifloon. It’s actually the evolve form of Drifloon. It seems to be a living hot air balloon, and can be used for transportation, having the strength to lift people. Interesting. just check more info on Drifblim here.


This is a special version of Nidoking because it comes with guitar. LOL.. It’s a poison / ground pokemon and actually the final form on Nidorino if I’m not mistaken. I’m not really a fan of pokemon, just know a bit of it :P Anyway, check this Nidoking paper model.


Shimama reminds me of monster that you can find in final fantasy series because the shape is similar. And it turn out that shimama means ‘Zebra’ in japanese so no wonder. It look cool alright, so check detail about shimama if you are interested.


That conclude all pokemon for July 2010. Lets wish that paperpokes can bring out more of them next month. Till then, have fun crafting!

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