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Pokemon – Pikachu Paper Toy Template


I’m not into pokemon or a hardcore fan but I at least do know pikachu is one of the most famous monster in pokemon series. There are countless number of people looking for something creative, cute, small such as papercraft relating to this cute creature. To make it short, i upload the template here on this site. To download the templates, just click the images at the bottom of this post and save them into your machine.

Well, there are many sites dedicating on designing paper model of pokemon monsters and i know some of them. I have made review about some of their works here too. So make sure to check them out so you won’t miss collecting your favorite ones.

Pikachu pokemon paper craft

Pika – pika ~ Kawaii !!

As requested, this time i self-hosted the template with its subtitles though I’m afraid I may need to remove it soon. Also check out the tutorial on how to make pikachu paper model to give you a brief idea on how to assemble it. It’s just a poor made pictorial instruction or manual. Sadly, it’s not a video tutorial but please help yourself with it :P


pikachu pokemon paper craft template 1

pikachu template 1

pikachu pokemon paper craft template 2

pikachu template 2

Oh well, my paper craft template collections are getting bigger. Would you like to see / download more pokemon papercraft? Leave me a comment here ok.

// update :

I have installed download component for the site, so you can grab the template just by left click the images. Then you will receive confirmation on saving it into your disk, so just continue and save. The rest is up to you and may you successfully make one. It’s cute, trust me :P

Alternative download : pikachu template

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15 comments so far

  1. Adam McLachlan

    please could you make a template for cyndaquil. Thanks. Adam.


  2. Denis Sterzl

    Oh, this pickachu papercraft template is so fabolous, thank you so much for this.
    is it possible that you make a template for raticate. thank you. denis


    admin Reply:

    Hi Adam, hi Denis. Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry, I can not provide you any new template for now. But if you insist, I suggest you try to take a look at Paperpokes – Pokemon papercraft. They have countless number of cute pokemon paper models. And of course raticate and cyndaquil too.

  3. nancy

    how do i Download template
    Contact me on fb


    Fath Reply:

    Hii nancy, just click the image and the a dialog box will appear asking you if you wanna open or save the template. btw, what browser are you using?

  4. Truong Nguyen Quoc

    wonderful :X !!!


  5. zack

    yo were do i put the ears please help me


  6. capron

    how to download kit of pickachu papercraft


  7. Pikachu's Master

    WOW! That is so cool! I HAVE to try it!!!! Did you or someone else desing it? Well anyway, it looks awsome!!!!!!!!

    Pikachu’s Master


  8. Chris A. Blakely

    thanks for this. this is something I’ve been looking for for years to past again lots of thanks to u and also I’m grateful for the link to make the other types of pokemon again i thank u a lot.


  9. soso

    can you try to make a template for the pokemon magicarp? i know he is the weakest pokemon of all but it would be cool.


  10. dean

    i want m0re template, like mewtwo, moggle of final fantasy. Please send it to my email, so that i can make my collection more fun. Thanks!


  11. Haley

    Hello, I was trying to print off the template and its way too big for my printer apparently, and I don’t know how to shrink it down to where the Pikachu will be smaller when I make it.. D:
    Please email me, I don’t ever get on here.. thank you.


    Fath Reply:

    For window OS, you can use photo printing wizard. It will shrink the pic to fit the paper automatically. Just double click the pic, the click the printing icon and you will be guided from there also view the pic before printing.

  12. Brent

    hey, i tried printing the template and only half of the template came out. can anyone tell me how to fix this? thanks :)


  13. fajar

    pikachu is my favorit profile in pokemon..
    thanks for the templates…


  14. Pikachu

    hey there! First thanks soo much i have been trying to find this for forever!! everytime i click download template but it wont work!:( i click it and it just refreshes the page.can u tell me how to fix it?


    Fath Reply:

    It’s weird because it works for me no matter what type of browser i use. Anyway, I just add alternative download link. Hope it helps.

  15. Sophie

    Wow this pikachu’s just so cute ^^

    I’ve been a POK√©MON fan for 10 years now, and I still love pikachu the most <3


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