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Free pokemon paper models and toys by Paperpokes


Many thanks to this brilliant team on producing these cute pokemon paper craft models. Unofficial Pokemon papercrafts fan-site, Paperpokes !

Till I make this post, there are already 24+ of pokemon monster made into paper models by them. And from their schedule It’s likely one pokemon every week or so. Worth a a big praising. Horrah!

For a big fan of pokemon it’s really a good news, especially when there is a dedicated team, talented individuals teaming up to make a pokemon paper model project a big success because I’m pretty sure their goal is providing all the pokemon monster templates ready, just for the sake of fun. Well, a team is better than single person, unlike me. I wonder if I can contribute something instead of simple crafts which I’ve made so far. Well, not everyone have such free time like me or passion like them ^^;;; May be I’ll try to make a toilet bowl 3D model, house furniture etc. hehe


Paperpokes pokemon paper model


Check out the images, cute and pretty much detailed isn’t it? I already downloaded 1 of the model and I’ll try to find some spare time to make it. After a glance on the template, I figured it’s kinda complicated. Not a surprise because it’s been made very detailed on every angle. It’s not a cube craft rather a mini size of the actual pokemon monster. And I’m pretty sure it will look good to materialize it, displaying it on my table. A sort of satisfaction.

These paper models are made using pepakura software incase you never heard about it. It’s a software that can convert a 3D model into a template. It can also convert many 3D files formats from 3D software such as 3D max and others into a pepakura model, pretty convenient should I say.

So, other than the tutorial that can be found along side with the template you can also use pepakura viewer to take a look at the model virtually. At least it will give you a brief idea on how to assemble it. For kids, adults help is probably needed because the tutorial does not seem enough. And from what I can see, try to fold each component from every page of the template first, page by page. Don’t let them mixed up before you fold them just to avoid confusion ;)

Last but not least, Paperpokes is indeed great! I’ll follow their pokemon papercraft works and try to post any new updates here. Till then, lets support them.

These charmander and belbasaur are the latest art work from them, click the images to go to the post page or use the check out banner below to visit their site and grab all your favorite pokemon.


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3 comments so far

  1. ????

    But where to order something?


    Fath Reply:

    Hi there,
    There is nothing here to order. We only make reviews about any interesting pokemon papercraft that we found. So far, there are tons of them at pokemon papercraft site. All are free, so get your pokemon papercraft pattern there.

  2. ??

    How do I use this website. All i see are links to unrelated websites.


    Fath Reply:

    Sorry, seems like the site undergoes some changes. They change their url to a new domain. It works fine now.

  3. Burger

    Is it possible to post jpeg templates of the paperpokes pdfs?

    none of the computers i use can support the files.


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