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Free rhinoceros papercraft template and instruction


Time for unique and endanger species animal papercraft!

Rhinoceros is my choice for today. I may not be a zoologist but I know that there are several types under the same this particular species though. Take this Indian rhinoceros for instance, it has one horn while others, like the black and white rhinoceros have two horns. Technically, different types of rhinoceros live in different habitats. I only saw rhinoceros for like 2 or 3 times in all of my life and the last one I recall was like few years way back at the national zoo. There weren’t many types available but the very least, it’s the real thing.


Rhinoceros papercraft


You heard me people, this species is extincting. We know that we don’t want that to happen. I guess I’m in support of the wild animal control – stop poaching, stop killing and start preserving species! Lets pray that our children and their children are still able to see them in the future. Anyway, back to papercraft, hope you and your children enjoy this one!

Free rhinoceros paper model with downloadable template and folding tutorial. It’s in Japanese but it has graphical instruction included. Use the banner below to visit the download page and look for image with ‘pdf and size’ text, about 1.1 – 1.4mb for each. So do you want another animal papercraft? Leave me comment, alright!

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