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Free Card and Gift Box Template Maker Online


Happy New Year guys. I hope everyone is having a good and peaceful day. I have been busy for months while letting the site go on without any new post and update. For starter, I would like you to enjoy this new stuff that I have found. If you want ot create or design your own gift box template. Check this free online box template generator to help you with it.


Template Maker


I remember when I first starter this blog, the first few posts that i came with was a paper box template with some tutorials also on new year day. But it’s different this time because I do not provide any template but a free tool that enable you to design your own pattern for any size that you want. You just need to decide how big it is by setting the value in inches or centimeter. Just fill up the value and it will be ready in a matter of pressing a button.

The tool will generate a template in pdf format, so you can save it in your computer or just print it out. But to make your gift box colorful, there are no other choices except to use decoration paper and use a bit of your time to decorate it by placing stickers or whatever after you are done making your box. For your information, I had provided a pattern that you can use to design your template too, but it’s a simple template for small box and not a gift box. You can find it by browsing the site under paper box section.

I hope you enjoy this new finding and wish you guys good days ahead with love and blessing. Happy new year everyone

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