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Gift Box with love and butterfly shape design


Presenting another papercraft box gift, with love and butterfly design.

Actually, you can design any kind of symmetrical drawings in replacement for the love shape or the butterfly shape using your own creativity. It can be flowers or bubbles or a splat sign, anything at all! Just replace the symmetrical drawings part with your own.


Gift box butterfly love design


This is made by using cardboard, and self coloring of the love and butterfly shapes. It’s rather easy that even children can do this!

Print out the box template or have it drawn on the cardboard. You can adjust the size proportionately because it is of a cuboid shape initially.

Gift Box Template

Click the image to download / print out the template (pdf fotmat)

gift box butterfly template


Gift box love template


Simple instruction on making the gift boxes

Cut out the according to the straight lines and fold those with dotted lines. After you’ve done this, you can decorate the love/butterfly shape parts. Color it as you like, make it look very creative and interesting.

Now, lay it on a flat surface with the drawn and colored part facing on top. While in this position, simply attach double sided tape at place labeled with capital letters on the template. Don’t forget to cut the red lines while at this stage. Make sure you have it meet really at the center to make sure it will be in a balance full shape.


After you’ve done this, shape it up together into a box. The capital letters part should be stick onto the parts with small letters according to the letters respective ly ( Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd)

You will realize there’s a lit before the shape, close the lit a little bit inside before sliding the two half-shaped love / butterfly together. Then, adjust the inside lit a little bit to make it perfect. It should look like in the pictures.

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8 comments so far

  1. bonny

    this website is great i love it i love it i love it x bonny the bunny x x x


  2. Poppy

    this is a nice website my daughter gave it to me


    Pixie Reply:

    Ahh, isnt that nice.. i like this website too xoxo

  3. oni

    Thank you so much. I’m thrilled to find a butterfly box for a bride I’m working with. It is a perfect thing to present the bridesmaids gifts!


  4. Laura (sandytoz)

    Thanks, got this link from 3D Tuesday Challenge Group on Paper Craft Planet


  5. Sharon

    These are so sweet! Can’t wait to try them! Thanks so much for sharing!


  6. jessica

    its a nice idea if you could actually download it.



    The templates downloaded easily, and I just made the butterfly box. It came out buetifully. Now to add some glitter to the butterfly as finishing touches!!


  8. Catia

    Those are adorable, I love the little butterfly! A while back I made some similar ones on my printables site.


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