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Dragons Paper Model From How To Train Your Dragon


3 dragons paper model from How To Train Your Dragon movie for your collection.

Did you watch the movie? Fun isn’t? I may be biased because I love such story especially fantasy movies which involve with dragons, myth monsters, orc etc. If you don’t, go watch with your kids because they will like it for sure. The character designs and animation are not bad at all.

About the 3d paper models, there are 3 dragons that you can choose. The main dragon rides by Hiccup, Night Fury, a cute small dragon, Terrible Terror and Gronckle. To assemble them, kids will need guidance from adults or just follow the assembling tutorials that come with the template. Aside from these 3D dragon paper models there are other fun activities that you can find at the site. There are color pictures for kids, origami, mini games such as word search and memory game and more. All are free and printable !


How to train your dragon


Well, to jump straight to the template is impossible. Here I’ll guide you how to download the dragons papercraft templates. First, visit HowToTrainYourDragon site using banner at the bottom of the post. It uses flash component so wait till it finished loading. Then enter the site. From there, click the menu at your left and choose Create & Print then a window will pop out. Here you can find many fun stuff as I mentioned before. Use the arrow at the bottom to navigate through and click 3D dragon. There are your papercraft template. Got it?

Alright, enjoy the movie and the dragon papercraft. Happy crafting.

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2 comments so far

  1. motleyjust

    It looks like they changed it since your post. No dragon model templates that I can find.


    Fath Reply:

    hii motley, it’s still there. Just click check out the site in the post then wait till the site loaded. You probably need to click ‘continue to the site’ once it opened. Then scroll down the menu at your left, choose print & create. Then a small window will be opened, navigate the small banner at the bottom to look for 3D Dragons. Then they you go. Just click on the templates to download =D

  2. Cheryl Godin

    Loved the 3D papercraft of How to train your Dragon but Night Fury templates says the file is damaged and will not print. Can it be fixed


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