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Learn how to make japanese origami and kirigami online


Like what I said in my previous post, Kirigami and origami which are both Japanese paper art and craft, do not differ much from one another. I’m not too sure why they categorized this one under kirigami though at first because it involved a lot more of folding of the papers but as I go through the book I realized that there are small parts when you are required of cutting too. Nevertheless, I personally see this much more of an origami art.  It’s all about combining small folding paper and make them into cute character shapes.


Japanese kirigami origami


There’s a total of 15 set of origami altogether – Hello kitty, Doraemon, Hamtaro, Pikachu, Garfield, Swan and many more.. Cute ~

Ok, I found this book on scribd and it seems like someone uploaded it into the site for sharing. So I just embedded it here but I hold no credit whatsoever. You can view the full screen presentation by clicking ‘toggle fullscreen’ or just visit scribd page using banner at the bottom of this post.

P/S : It took awhile to start view the document depend on your internet connection speed. Sadly, the pages  are poorly scanned and seem not to follow the right sequence so please follow the sequence number of tutorials instead.



You can actually save the document into your pc. Just visit the site using banner below, and look for download link at the top of document layout. But you need to register an account with scribd first before you can continue with downloading.

Though it’s a Japanese type of origami, the document is in chinese, perhaps a book translated from a Japanese book source. But I think it’s not so hard to follow the pictorial guideline once you’ve gotten hold of the base fold (small triangle base component) which can be found in the beginning of the online book. And the rest, is just follow the graphical tutorial.

Besides this ebook, there are many other types of document that you can find at scribd and of course that include papercraft, origami and kirigami topic. Just take your time, alright.

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  1. tina

    I love this, it´s awesome! Thanks for sharing, I will try to make some myself :-)


  2. Dev

    I am new comer for this crafts.
    For me is very good for learning and passing good time.


  3. alif



  4. jordan

    i am only 11 but i do advanced origami very well!:D


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