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Kirigami pattern – Make a snowflake pattern online


Believe it or not, there’s such thing as a free online snowflake maker! This is actually pretty cool to begin with. Check out this sample pattern that I made. No matter how ugly I cut it, it still turn out beautiful. Hmm, It’s a pretty good thing to do when I’m bored but I’m pretty sure this is quite a treat for those who love Kirigami.

Kirigami is a paperart or papercraft originates from Japan that is quite similar to origami, except that you are allowed to make small cuts into it in order of getting the shape that you wanted. That is the simple reason as to why it is called ‘kirigami‘, literally means cutting paper (kiri means cutting, and kami or gami means paper). It is similar to origami because it may also involve a lot of folding in developing the required patterns.


Snowflake kirigami


Kids are going to love this. But in real life it should be done under an adult’s supervision since it required to use sharp tools such as the scissors. It is also an art that can make you, and your kids easily getting carried away because it is so much fun! So what are you waiting for, click the link to the site below to start your own kirigami snowflakes. Loading is fast, because the flash size is just around 700kb. However, you cannot download the file, but you can design your own pattern and submit your art work.

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