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Origami Tutorial: How to make a simple paper lantern


Finally, some origami stuff for my beloved visitors! In my previous post, I featured a  simple lantern kirigami ( making a lantern papercraft ). So specially for this Chinese New Year season, I would like to present another tutorial on making a paper lantern, but this time it’s an origami. One thing about origami is you do not need any additional equipment such as knife or scissor. It is because origami is an art that only requires a little folding and creasing as such. A classic origami art shouldn’t be needing any cuttings on it.


Paper lantern origami

Paper Lantern Origami Tutorial

Before you go on with the tutorial, prepare a square piece of paper. For this tutorial I use a white paper and pink color at its back. Ok, fold it and spread open like you see in diagram 1. Then follow the steps below.


Step 1

First fold the four corner forward so that they meet at the center. It will then become like you can see in diagram 2.


Step 2

FLIP OVER and fold the four corner again so that they meet at the center. You will get the same pattern as in diagram 3.


Step 3

FLIP the paper over and fold the four corner once more to meet at the center. Then you will get the same pattern as diagram 4.


Step 4

Then turn the paper.
Using both thumb, push open the top corner as shown in step 4. You will the get the same pattern as Diagram 5. Do the same technique for both top and bottom corners.


Step 5

Hang the lantern with a thread and bamboo skewer, and it is done.. Well, you can make more of them with different color using this tutorial.



Pretty simple right? Just remember to flip the paper each time after you’ve fold the paper. If you find this a little bit tricky, perhaps you should do it slower. Focus and perseverance are always few of the keys to success :) Peace!

I’ll be seeing you again sometime soon! Till then, Happy Chinese New Year!

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4 comments so far

  1. Shashwat

    Please don’t make it a diagram please make it an an animation.


    Fath Reply:

    Hi Shashwat, sorry if the tutorial is a bit confusing. I searched the tutorial on youtube but could not find any for this type of lantern. So I’ll try to provide a better diagram later ok.

  2. Fath

    Hi guys, I just updated the diagrams. Please, tell me if they are helpful. Just follow the steps closely, fold and flip 3 times.


  3. Geetika

    diagrams and well done… very easy to understand, even without the written matter.


  4. suvarna

    Thanks, You saved my day. My daughter needed to make this for her school crafts and I had no idea just how to make it. Thanks once again for making it so simple.


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