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Paper purses for mother’s day template and tutorial


A cute paper purse for mother’s day, with free template and step by step video tutorial. A good choice of gift bag to put your present inside.

There are many creative papercrafts out there, each with its own unique features and usefulness. But I might miss them since I couldn’t spend much time looking and searching one by one. That’s the whole reason why I made a submit craft page. And I’m glad that I made the section because thanks to that, carlosNmolina has stopped by to share one of his own craft master piece with us, a paper purse with crafting tutorial.

It’s cute, definitely on my recommended list and when I check his page I know he’s not an amateur crafter either. His pages look professional and informative. And there are many other art work he wishes to share. All free, with template and video tutorial. Thanks Carlos!


Papercraft purse gift bag


Well, he stated that this paper purse was meant for Xmas, but he took his time to make a little modification for other events as well, particularly like valentine’s day and mother’s day. Yes, this would be a great choice for the upcoming mother’s day celebration. :D

This cute paper purse can be used to hold your present as a replacement for old style wrapping paper or box gift. I checked the tutorial and the template. It used a blank black and white template, so you will need to print it out on color decoration paper to get the result as you see above. Two different design of decoration papers are suggested, one for front template and another one for side and bottom. Ok, you can just follow the video tutorial that’s been prepared for you.

To grab the template, just visit the page and click “Tutorials & Video – click here” .  It uses flash so you might need to wait for awhile. Then look for a small banner of paper purse (labeled with ‘template’) among all the many other craft images at the bottom to download the template, while the tutorial banner is next to it. Click paper purse image with no label on it to load the tutorial video.

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4 comments so far

  1. Sandi

    This paper purse is lovely; but when accessing the website and clicking on the icon, an error message appears – “error 404 page cannot be found. Such a pity!


    Stephanie Reply:

    Hello, would love to make this purse, but having trouble locating the template. Please help.

    Lori Reply:


    Click on the link in the article to http://carlosnmolina.com/ Then look at the top of the screen…you need to click “Tutorials and Videos” and then select Paper purses. Super, super cute craft!!

  2. Susannah Wollman

    The “free” template is only available in his Etsy store for $4.50.


  3. Kathy Sanchez

    Really cute purse, wanted to try and make one. However was unable to get template and tutorial.


    Fath Reply:

    Sorry kathy, i think the template is not available for free anymore. It’s so cute, such a pity :/

  4. Mithun Mitra

    I am So glad o download Many Paper Box Pattern. I Like This Site


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