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Paper Sculpture Projects by Clive Stevens


You may have heard about the beautifulness of ice sculpture right? There are even sculptures made using foods such as chocolate and butter. Then how about paper sculpture? Yea, paper is a unique stuff which can be shaped into any figure if being used in the right way.

Paper sculpture is not actually a rare thing. And for today I’ll introduce a few artworks of paper sculpture by a famous artist from UK. Thanks to Clive for willing to share his beautiful creation with us. Anyway, this is not a paper model or figurine, rather a bunch of piece of papers pasted together to form a beautiful 3D image. It looks really nice for decoration after being framed. Check the sample below and you will definitely agree with me.




Here is a note from Steven :

Paper sculpture is not only a fascinating artistic pastime, it is also a very economical one. With very little mess and fuss one can achieve very impressive results.

Paper sculpture artist, Clive Stevens has created several projects that most of you with an artistic bent will be able to master quite easily. The projects come complete with step-by-step instructions and template sheets with all components ready to trace.

- Clive Stevens

It looks beautiful alright, but a bit upsetting because there is no free template to download and sample to try out. I’ll try to ask the owner if he can share a basic sculpture as free sample with us. But don’t let your hopes up just yet. I’ll just post here if there is any new update.

Steve has this website which named after himself,  www.clivestevenssculpture.com where he use to promote his art work. There are 6 galleries for paper sculpture. Each with several finished products of paper sculpture, sample image, a brief description, sculpture’s size and price if there is anyone who want to own it. For more detail, you can just email him personally or ask for quotation. I believe you can buy any paper sculpture that you see in the gallery even for the one with sold label.

Furthermore, if you want to try making them yourself, you can actually purchase the compilation of his selected art work. Clive has already prepared an ebook for that, named Paper Project Patterns. It come complete with step-by-step instructions and template sheets with all components ready to trace. Well, there are also other papercraft related stuffs such as greeting cards and so on. You can check details from his website using the banner below and don’t forget to visit the galleries that I mentioned. It will amaze you for sure.


I personally like the Christmas Post Office paper sculpture in gallery 5. I wonder how papers can be made to look lively and 3D like that. So cool !

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