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Pokemon PaperCraft – Whismur Cleffa Skiploom Pichu


Whismur, Cleffa, Skiploom and Pichu pokemon paper toy prepared by PaperPokes.

Hi guys, sorry for taking so long. Here is your long awaiting paper pokemon set made by Paperpokes team in March 2010. There are 5 pokemon altogether so I pick the 4 latest. The rest can be checked though the banner at the bottom of the page. For anyone who never has experience making pokemon paper toy, these papercrafts have free template that you can download. You need special software to open the file though, so check here for the detail (Paperpokes FAQ page).


Whismur Cleffa Skiploom Pichu


Lets see what paperpokes has to say about its art works. You can check more info and visit the craft page by using the detail links.


Whismur is a whisper type animal. They scare very easily, and often use their shrill cries to try and scare off other wild Pokémon. It evolves into Lourdred starting at level 20, who evolves into Exploud starting at level 40. Detail about whismur pokemon papercraft



Cleffa are very small pink creatures that are vaguely star-shaped in appearance. This cute pokemon evolves into Clefairy via happiness, who then evolves into Clefable via Moon Stone. Check detail about cleffa pokemon papercraft toy at Paperpokes.



Skiploom is a grass type pokemon and it evolves from Hoppip starting at level 18, and evolves into Jumpluff starting at level 27. It’s actually prepared specially for St Patrick Day. Detail about Skiploom pokemon papercraft.



Much like pikachu, it’s an electrical type pokemon and cute nonetheless. There is one more version of pichu available at Paperpokes so check it out. Detail on Pichu papercraft first version / Pichu paper toy second version.


Alright. That all for this month. You can check other pokemon papercraft using banner below. Have a nice day and happy crafting !!

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