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Paperdoll Overview And History


Flashing back to sixteen, seventeen years ago, boxes of paper cut out dolls may be a typical sight. Kids love them and most importantly, it’s cheap and you can even make it on your own too, giving you the freedom to add on your own choice of frills. It can lead you to another fantasy land.

Classic paperdoll template


So, what is a paper doll?

It’s an old school form of fun plaything, a cheaper and a more comical version of the Barbie series (the ones costing you more too). That is why you can have tons of it to play with. A paper doll is a two-dimensional figure drawn or printed on papers. It usually comes with a figure of the main character, accompanied with a couple of clothes and accessories choices. Sometimes, it can also appear to have a figure of favorite pets and other inanimate objects. For collectors, the term is extended and expanded to a string of other items to be printed on paper such as airplanes, cars, houses, furniture and even a whole village. The list may go on. Realizing this fact, it can be seen as a replica of the development of many two-dimensional games.

All you see may be pieces of bright and colorful set of papers but these flat miniatures of life have such tremendous appeal that can provide you a lifetime of pleasure. It’s just like another form of valuable art. Since it is playable and available globally, paper dolls can reflect cultural aspects of a certain society. Historians are in consensus that paper dolls and their costumes provide a broad look at cultures around the world. The history of paper dolls can be traced back as far as A.D 900 when the Japanese people, fold papers resembling kimonos as offerings to the gods. It was part of an ancient purification ceremony, where these papers were arranged in a boat and set assail. It was not until the 1810 when paper dolls were commercially manufactured in London by S & J Fuller.

It is amazing and such a wonder for something that simple to have a provokingly renowned history. But then again, art is an ancient form of expression, and paper dolls did not miss the slot. For older people, it might be quite a nostalgically stimulating experience to dig a box and accidentally stumble in one’s hand an exact replica of a childhood toy. Yes, perhaps paper dolls do load with sentimental values. Many people are resorting to paper dolls for a new collecting hobby that are inexpensive and only require some little storage space. What is best about this new hobby is that you can share it with your other family member especially kids for some major bonding, whereby you can also teach them manual dexterity, history, fashion and art while you have great fun together.

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