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Pikachu Papercraft Model Instruction and Tutorial


Hello again! Upon request, we made a simple tutorial on how to make pikachu papercraft by using the free template. Make sure to download the template first before continue with the tutorial.



Before we start, it is advisable for you to use high quality A4 paper, 80gms – 100gms instead of cardboard papers. It will be even better if you have a printer with high quality resolution printouts.

Pikachu papercraft model assembling Instruction :


  1. First, cut through the red line. There’s no glue needed to attach the head to the body . But you will find a big hollow opening at the bottom where you will combine with the body later.
  2. Use glue to attach the cutouts (that’s white in color) to the parts as pointed by the arrows. This is applicable to all other parts as well.
  3. Match the letter marking to the attaching hand, ear and leg to the body accordingly.



This is the body part, which is pretty easy to understand. Glue the cutouts (in whites) to parts according to the arrows. ‘T’ indicates where to stick the tail. ‘H’ indicates where to stick the hands and ‘L’ is where you should stick the legs.



This is the ear part. Roll it around to make it look like the shape of small yam or turnip (see completed picture). Glue the cutout parts to ‘E’ and you will have a pointy ear. Stick ‘E’ to the head of little Pikachu. This is applicable for both left and right ear.



Similar to the ears, the end shape of the hand is also almost like the shape of a small yam or turnip, except with a considerable hollow space at the end spot. Glue the respective cutouts (in whites) to ‘H’ and have ‘H’ stick to the body of little Pikachu. This is applicable for both hands.



These are the legs. Looks difficult? Well, it isn’t that hard really. Jus follow the arrows slowly, and glue the cutout parts (in whites) accordingly to ‘L’ and ‘L2’. Do it as if like crumpling a small piece of paper. Paste ‘L’ to the body of little Pikachu.



Finally, the tail! The tail is actually only a flat piece of paper. Just stick both parts (should be symmetrical) together and you’ll have the tail. Then glue the tail to the body by matching the ‘T’ (back-bottom part of the body)

Alright! That’s about what we can help you with. Have fun crafting!


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2 comments so far

  1. samu

    um when we cut it out do we cut it out with the red lines?


    Fath Reply:

    Hi samu. Yea, cut through the red line. But don’t use the above template, it’s just for tutorial sample. You can download the real template in my previous post.

  2. Sardes

    YEAH! I did it… it doesn’t look that nice thought :/


    carly Reply:

    can u send the link to which instructions we shud use again,

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