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Pokemon papercraft – Horsea, Swellow, Absol, Gallade paper toy


Pokemon papercraft – Horsea, Swellow, absol, Gallade paper toy by Paperpokes.

Happy new year guys. How is everybody, Did you get enough fun? I’m still in holiday mood actually but I think I can get back to my usual schedule featuring a piece of papercraft for every 2 days. Yohoho..

Ok. After I checked back my previous posts for November it seems like I skipped the ‘suppose-to-be-featured’ pokemon papercraft for November. Silly me. So there will be more pokemon this months. Eventually Paperpokes was celebrating its anniversary last month as well so there are double of them. Good news for pokemon papercraft and toy fans eh..


gallade horsea swellow absol


Honestly some of these pokemon are non-heard of for me. So lets hear what Paperpokes say about them. Click the detail to view the sample, download the template pattern and check the assembling tutorial.


Water / dragon type pokemon. Sea horse huh? Well, it evolves into Seadra starting at level 32, which then evolves into Kingdra when trade holding a Dragon Scale.

Detail about horsea pokemon papercraft.



Flying / bird type pokemon. Swellow are among the fastest of bird Pokémon and are very acrobatic in the air. It evolves from Taillow starting at level 22.

Detail about Swellow pokemon papercraft and toy



Dark type pokemon. This cat face pokemon named Absol is able to predict when a natural disaster will occur, and tries to warn people when one is approaching.

Detail about Absol pokemon papercraft



Gallade is a fighting type pokemon which looks like a mantis to me. His head resembles a gladiator’s helmet, with a white face. Gallade is male-only, evolving from a male Kirlia when exposed to the Dawn Stone.

Detail about gallade pokemon paper toy


That 4 pokemon papercrafts (Horsea, Swellow, Absol, Gallade paper toy) for today. There are still more and if you are in hurry, click the paperpokes banner below to check all of them.

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