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Pokemon papercraft : mantyke, snorlax, metapod, riolu paper toy


Other collection of pokemon papercrafts, pokemon paper toys prepared in January 2010 by Paperpokes. Free templates to download, just visit Paperpokes site for more info.

For your information, Paperpokes decided to feature one pokemon each monday which means a fnew pokemon for us every week. For pokemon paper toy fans, it’s a good new because they decide to continue producing them and more importantly, the timing is fixed. One pokemon to be made in every weekend is something to look forward to. And if you are looking for specific pokemon which is yet to be featured, just check the ‘coming soon’ section at sidebar or kindly request it from them. May be they can put it into their next-to-make-list.


Mantyke, Snorlax, Metapod, Riolu pokemon papercraft


Lets check the info about each today’s pokemon. The information are taken from pokemon papercraft site. Use detail link to visit the respective post of the pokemon and download the template.


Metapod is a bug type pokemon, generally remain motionless and is unable to do anything other than harden its outer shell. It evolves from Caterpie starting at level 7, into Butterfree starting at level 10. Check detail – Metapod pokemon papercraft



This is a special sleeping pokemon. Normal monster which loves to sleep. Once it wake up, it goes wild looking for food, then sleep again >.<  This is the second version, the previous version can be check here. Check detail : Snorlax pokemon paper toy template and tutorial



Like almost all Fighting-type Pokemon, Riolu naturally has superhuman strength, stamina, and endurance. Riolu are sensitive to a special type of energy called Aura. Later evolve into Lucario. Check detail : Riolu pokemon papercraft toy.



Like its evolved form, Mantyke looks like a manta ray. On its back is a pattern with two red spots with white outlines and a white curve underneath, which resembles a happy face. Check detail : Mantyke pokemon papercraft


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