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The main purpose of this site is to share ideas on anything related to papercraft. So we think this page is essential for anyone who want to follow our works. So far we have produced quite number of patterns consist of paper models, toys, cards and gift boxes. While for origami, we’ve never thought on creating a new finished sculpture rather make a thorough tutorial for any simple origami that we know. It may be from someone else creation but we will try to use our own approach to present it.

We’re two man team at first, but the other author has her own difficulty so she’s away and won’t join us for the moment. For a short intro, I’m Fath and I love making papercraft whether it’s model, card or origami. So far, I folded other people’s designs and now I want to take a step further and produce my own patterns and trademarks. Of course my end product would be my own custom paper toy which will carry PaperCraft Art Creative name. Wish me luck!


Project Categories :

There are few categories that we want to cover depend on our time. On each page, we will mention designs that we are working, author who are responsible and list the past finished project. So please take your time to check them out.

Paper Model and Toy Project

Crayon shin chan papercraft

For now we use characters from popular cartoon series as models and cube craft type of papercraft as a base. It’s kinda easy to design and we do not need any complicated software. But we are toward making advance paper model combined 3D and pepakura software and we believe we can start publishing the finished products before the end of the year.

Greeting and Pop up Card

Valentines card papercraft

I could say that it’s the most seek among all type of crafts that uses paper. We might be overwhelmed by abundance of e-card that can be found easily on the internet. But there are still some who love to use traditional method which is by sending a card made by paper. So our target is trying to produce a simple and easy to make card especially pop up type of cards.

Paper bag and box

Gift box butterfly love design

This square shape box is used to hold gift and present, and most of them are simple and easy to make. I may not able to come with many designs for paper box, so I plan to design using a same pattern but varies in its decoration. My target is for peoples to get the ideas on how to design their own paper box which I already half way from the completed project.

Origami tutorial

Paper lantern origami

We’ve never thought on creating something new. Currently we only focusing on making tutorial. Later in the future we will try to use animation and video approach for better understanding. If you want to get hold on info about origami you may check origami.com, origamiclub.com and youtube because it’s a place where authors share their works.