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Paper bag box

There is currently no project in progress. I was thinking on making different template by modifying the available template.

Completed project

There paper boxes are some of my collections which i worked by copying and observing the common boxes i found in stores. Making the templates were easy but they took my time when trying to assemble it and getting a good picture for display. Then making a simple tutorials for each. Hopefully you won’t find it hard to follow the tutorial when there are not many pictures taken for them.

As for how i design them; i usually started with microsoft word to scale them up and tested out then finished all of them in photoshop to produce the image file.

You can also look for them on papercraft art creative download page to grab the template directly.

Simple paper gift bag

simple paper bagThis is 1 of my popular post so far. It’s easy yet beautiful. Only took few minutes to design it then half an hour to test it out. My plan was to design a blank template then it’s up to users on how to design and make it looks better.

i’m happy to mention here that the boxes that were shared to me so far are so wonderfully made. You can check some of the paper boxes that being shared here in the post :D

Triangle paper gift bag

simple paper bagThis is another alternative to my simple gift bag. It has lid and triangular shape. As for size, the default is small but can scale it up or print it out on A3 paper to make it bigger.

i had difficulties taking a good picture for tutorial so it left with so little option to choose from. it was at night so the images are blurry. Hopefully, the simple tutorials help even without good pictures :P

Small gift boxes with love / butterfly lid

simple paper boxI love these gift boxes. They are small but charming. It may look tricky, but not that hard. It took me few hours to think and design the lid shape. In the end i chose butterfly and love to give them some cute impact. So they are suitable to hold some cute gifts to give them to your love one.

Same with others, i designed them using microsoft words and finished with photoshop. Anyway, the site mention in the template was my old site before i changed to this domain. Hope it won’t bother you or anything.

Mini box with custom design

simple paper bagThis is my favorite box that i designed so far. It’s because we can choose what ever image to display on it. I make it so using microsoft publisher. So if you have family picture, idol or anything you like you can go on ahead as long it’s not for commercial use. Also it’s not for gift but as a small container to hold any small thing like papers, pens, stamp pad etc on your table.

I would love it if people can share any custom box that they produced with what ever picture they put on because for the sample, i use picture i found randomly on the internet.