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Pokemon PapaperCraft : Sentret Growlithe Minun Paper Toys


Cute pokemon paper toys – Sentret, Growlithe and Minun pakemon papercraft, free templates and patterns prepared by Paperpokes.

It’s March now so I present you cute pokemon paper toys that I’ve prepare since beginning of February. Since the number of pokemonĀ  are more than I expected so I separate them into 2 posts. There are 6 of them all together. So enjoy these Sentret, Growlithe and Minun pokemon papercraft which their templates can be downloaded from Paperpokes site.

For your information, Paperpokes has just prepared something awesome for us. It’s a complete table of pokemon database to track down pokemon papercrafts that were made or soon to be made by them. Each pokemon is tag by color, red or grey so visitors can identify which pokemon model is completely done andĀ  by clicking the image will bring you to the specific pokemon papercraft page. It’s convenient and useful, more like an encyclopedia of pokemon. Check it here, Paperpokes model list – Table 1


Sentret growlithe minun pokemon papercraft


Ok, back to Sentret, Growlithe and Minun pokemon paper toy. Here are some information about each papercraft taken from Paperpokes site. You can reach the craft page and download the template by clicking the detail link.


It’s cute and looks like a flying squirrel to me. In pokemon series, it never lives alone – while one member of its group sleeps another watches out for danger because it’s so cautious about danger. Sentret evolves into Furret starting at level 15. Detail of sentret papercraft.



Growlite resemble the Shishi or koma-inu – mythical creatures that share traits with lions, tigers, and dogs. It fit the 2010 year perfectly, since it;s year of tiger. It evolves into Arcanine via Fire Stone. Detail about growlithe pokemon papercraft.



Minun is an electrical creature similar to pikachu. It creates electrical pom-poms from its forepaws and sparks from its body to cheer on its partners. There is another type which looks similar but has red ears, Plusle. Minun and Plusle are prepared by Paperpokes special for valentine day. Detail of Minun pokemon papercraft.


Ok, I think that all for now. There are 3 more pokemon papercraft including Pluysle and Spinarak that will be featured in my next post so stay tune. But you can also go ahead and check the paperpokes site for more awesome pokemon papercraft toys.


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