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Simple Yet Cute Paper Box With Free Template


How to make a simple and small treat box? Check this out.

I think it has been a while since I’ve produce anything. Not that there is anyone expecting something but please feel free to check out this paper box. It’s simple but unique because it doesn’t require glue for construction. It took me quite some time to design it. Even though it’s not an original concept as I copied that from a box I had received, I did modify the shape to be more appealing and easier to fold.


Simple Treat Box


Actually I had planned to design a treat box, especially for upcoming Halloween but since it’s still quite a ways in the future I just prepared a basic template so that I can get some feedback from you. I already have some ideas on how to further decorate it so please wait for a while and I’ll share with you some embellished paper boxes using the base template that you see below.

Template :

Well, since the basic template is black and white you will need to print it out on your patterned paper. I have made a video tutorial that you can watch at the bottom of this post so I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.


For webmasters, if you find this craft interesting please link your post to this page and not to the template directly :D

Tutorials :

Choose the patterned paper that you want to use. Print the template on it.

Cut the template along the outside lines using sharp scissors.

Cut out marked circles and slots. If you have a 1.5cm circle punch, use that for the neatest result.

Fold the 4 tabs of the template to make a base. (Important)

Use a tool (cylinder) to act as a roller to bend the box.

Form your paper box and decorate it.

Put something inside and it’s done!

Video tutorials :

Tutorials on how to make the treat box


Last but not least, thank you for the support. I will continue to design better papercraft and you can expect more decorated boxes using this template soon. I have it all planned and hopefully will be able to share it with you later. Happy crafting !

Share your creative paper baxes with us !

If you have produced any paper box using the template please do share the pictures of your box with us. I will gladly post the pictures here.

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