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Hey all again! I’ve created this new segment so that visitors are able to submit any papercraft that they wish to share with the rest of the world. If it’s your original art work, you can also take this opportunity to pull visitors and gain a quality backlink to your site. But anyhow, sharing is always a good thing, especially when it’s a great work of paper art and papercraft!

Submitting guideline.

  1. Make sure that it does not contain any illegal stuff such as pornography, copyrighted or whatever stuff that is not suitable for sharing.
  2. Do not claim other people art work as your own (clearly state it in your content if it’s not).
  3. If you’re submitting other people’s work, make sure you have  the direct link to the owner’s site. Making your post as a third party introducer, you still have the privilege to include the link to your site as well.
  4. You can submit your own content for posting. Else you can leave to us to do the writing.

Upon requesting your craft to be accepted into our blog first you must :

  • Abide the conditions as stated in the guideline.
  • Agree that we have the right to modify the post content but won’t edit any part of the craft that is copyrighted to the owner.

I have read, and agree to the conditions


PaperCraft Submitting Form


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For any papercraft that was accepted and being featured at the blog, you can use our contact form to complain or inform us of any post-updates of the craft.


Best regard,

Papercraft Art Creative