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Hurrah! This section will be filled with colorful pictures of papercraft arts, including paper dolls, paper models and origami. We will try to provide their templates for free in a download-able and printable form. If we can’t, we hope to provide referral links so that you can get them from their official sites.

Each picture in the gallery should have associated templates and instructions (if they are available), so use the links provided to grab them.

There are 5 sections so far: paper models, origami, paper bags, cards and paper dolls. Just click any category of your choice to view the image samples.

Paper models

Gallery of paper models. Don't forget to share yours as well. We will post a review of your work and link back to your site.

110 Photos

Origami & kirigami

Gallery of origami and kirigami. Make sure you check out the cardmaking section too because some of the cards are crafted through kirigami.

7 Photos

Paper bags & boxes

Gallery of paper bags and boxes. Most of them are either gift bags and boxes. The samples might be smaller than you need but you can scale them to make a larger one as required.

19 Photos

Cards crafting

Gallery of cardmaking. There are various types of cards from simple greeting cards to more intricate pop-up cards, as well as for all sorts of events including birthdays and Valentine's Day.

30 Photos

Paper dolls

Gallery of paper dolls.

13 Photos



There are thousands of paper craft sites featuring paper models, paper dolls and origami in various languages. At PaperCraft Art Creative, we are accustomed to Eastern culture, so you may expect many templates in Japanese or other Asian languages. You can also submit your craft to be reviewed and published by us. If you are interested, please use thisĀ  submit form. Till then, happy crafting !