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Origami kirigami gallery

Horrah! This section will be filled with colorful pictures of origami and kirigami. We will try to provide their templates and patterns for free, download-able and printable. Or at least, provide referral links so visitor can get them from their official sites. Btw, I suggest you to check card’s gallery section too because some of the cards used kirigami as their main design. Creative and beautifully done.

To view the larger samples of these papercrafts, just click on the image. However, if you are interested on learning or getting these origami and kirigami patterns (if available) you need to click the ‘detail’ title  to jump to the craft page. Read the instruction within the post and look for download / check out site banner.  For most of them, the referral link can be found at the bottom of the post.

You may notice that sometimes the latest one does not have any active link yet. Because it is scheduled to be published in the near future. Anyway, it’s guaranteed that it will be available in 2 3 days. So if you do not want to miss it out, you can just subscribe and get update via email.

Origami kirigami Section