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Town buildings papercraft – shop, store, shopping mall for kids


Perfect paper doll house models for kids. These paper models of town building sets contain various shops and stores, public buildings, interior design of shopping malls with free templates and patterns.

Thanks to certain someone that asked me sources of papercraft for kids. I notice there are not many papercraft models specifically of this type of craft here, even at other websites. Teachers keep contacting me looking for papercrafts suitable for kids school project. Hm, if you are going to request of me a specific type of building such as clinic, hospital, fire station or bank paper model, I can try to look for it but I can’t guarantee that there is any around. I think it will take some times, but more of them will be made and be filled here.

Ok, these papercraft models / paper doll buildings are good addition to papercraft for kids. Because it have a various models of building. 20 types of shops and store buildings such as cake house, book store, bakery, restaurant and more. There are interior designs of shopping malls too, complete with elevators, carts, vase etc. Kinda like a doll house that kids used to play but made with paper. Hmm, though they look just like a simple paper box of house but the designs deserve a big praising. Yeah, the only difference about each model is how the respective designs are presented. Cake house for example, has a picture of cake, cute windows and fake costumers too. All are easy to assemble and have free templates to download.


Kids town building papercraft


These building paper models are found on a Japanese site, Toshiba TEC. For some of them, there are Japanese letters on it. Well, if you can ignore this small part I think you will like them a lot. Keep making all of the building paper models then your paper town will be complete. Don’t forget to check my previous post on Kids train town paper model too, for extra addition.

To grab the templates, just visit the site using banner below. Wait till the flash fully loaded then click your preferred town part. There are 3 parts, 2 parts of town buildings and the back one is the shopping mall (download the interior design of shopping mall patterns). After clicking the part, use arrow button to choose the type of building. Click the building and there is a template to download there. You won’t have any problem getting them though the site is in Japanese.

Till then, happy crafting !

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5 comments so far

  1. panpan

    Hi, how do I download the template? I can’t understand japanese.


    peter Reply:


  2. kathie Ulah

    ive clicked check site and it comes up with toshiba nothing with what i was looking for in the picture but i have tried it about a year ago and it took me to the correct site ):(


  3. Jodi Zacherl

    Would like printables for social Studies. I teach second grade


  4. mintmarimo

    On that link provided, look at the right side. There are 6 images with links. Choose the 2nd row, and 2nd column one. Click it. A map appears. Now you can navigate the maps, choose the building, and click it to download the templates.
    Hope that helps.


  5. Anja

    Thanks so much mintmarimo!!


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