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Train papercraft : Classic and bullet train paper model


Another set of train paper model toy for train lovers! 6 type of trains to choose which look a lot more like a real toy – from steam to electrical trains.

There are various types of train designed for various particular purposes. A train can consist of a combination of one or more locomotives and attached to railroad cars, or a self-propelled multiple unit.

Trains have a really long history. It can be count of how many countries which do not have trains as a source of transportation today whether its a diesel or electrical train. Since long ago trains are used as a medium to transport belongings and economic resources such as logs or mine products. However today, there are even trains that can travel hundreds of kilometer in just a matter of and hour or a few, of which is also commonly called as ‘the bullet train’. Honestly, I’ve never been on one but I sure hope I’ll be able to ride one someday.


Train papercraft model


Yes, you can find many car paper model but rarely on trains. Well, train lovers must be blessed with this one… So I’ll present you this 6 high quality trains paper toys I found on one japanese site. I didn’t recall if I’ve said this before in my previous train related post, but there are a group of people who are train fanatics in Japan. They simply takes pleasure being on a train and getting excited talking about the routes and stuff. I’ve seen one in a movie ^^ Such passion! There are also cars on the page but if you can wait a bit longer, I’ll introduce you to another site about car papercraft. Many types of car that will make you speechless – right on, in my next post :D

For these trains, there are templates but no tutorial. So you will need to use some imagination here and I’d say it’s not something for a beginner but it’s worth a shot. For kids it can be used as school project with guidance of parents. Still, it’s just a medium level of difficulty, not too difficult to assemble it. You can also check my other post on papercraft train town template which is more suitable for kids.

To visit the site, just click the download banner below. Alright then, see ya and have fun with the trains!

Update : i’m sorry, it seems like the train was taken off from the site. I’ll try to look for the templates again later

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4 comments so far

  1. debie

    how can i order a bullet train model? and how much?


    Fath Reply:

    Sorry debie, we don’t sell anything here. We are just sharing info on any interesting papercraft that we found.
    The train paper models that you see above can be made by anyone using the free templates. They are models made by using papers so the cost is your printer ink and time to fold it.

  2. nandita

    Great models.


  3. madd

    wow wow … i love train model and i really love how to make train model from paper, thanks .


  4. Mike

    Thanks much! I’m currently teaching a special needs boy who loves trains. I’ve been doing the Kirin train model with him in part to work on his motorskills but to also to give him time to chat about what he loves the most, trains.
    Thanks for the link to the model.


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