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Transformers papercraft : Bumblebee Paper model


Best papercraft of 2009, Transformer bumblebee paper model by paperinside.com

At first glance when you see it, you will never thought it was made by paper, right. It looks like a kit model sold in the store. But it REALLY is made by paper. And most possibly when you do realize this fact, you’ll go -oh my! That looks like soooo difficult!. But trust me, it is not that impossible to assemble. Bumblebee paper model specially made by paperinside.com. Thanks to Cláudio for willing to share this beautiful creation with us.

One more good thing is that I already received approval from paperinside author to feature his papercraft works here. But you still need to visit the original page to download the template pattern and get the folding instruction. Anyway, PaperCraft Art Creative will try to get a first scope on any new updates or new papercrafts made by paperinside from today onwards. So stay tuned!


Transfomers bumblebee paper model


Talking about transformers, did you watch the latest “Revenge of The Fallen’? I can watch it like 3 – 4 times and never got bored. The special effects have gotten better than the previous one and the story  was much more interesting. Wish the 3rd movie will come out soon….

For this bumblebee papercraft model it has 4 parts; head, hands, legs and torso. All in separated template files with instructions ready (25 pages altogether, A4 paper). And the level of difficulty is the highest one, it will consume a lot of time for sure. So get 2 3 people to work together is a better way to go.

Anyway, did I mention you that the components are movable? So you can pose any style that you want. Hehe, that’s one of the special feature you’d probably want to try out. This is like a part of papercraft evolution if you ask me. And one more thing, did you notice the lighting from its eye and body, looks real isn’t it? Well, the author is being creative by using led for these parts and it looks great to me. You can check the larger image of the sample on its craft page. To upgrade the awesomeness, its highly suggested to use glossy paper to print out the template so it will look shiny.

Check out this youtube video featuring the folding processes and completed bumblebee paper model.


I bet you are eager to grab the template patterns right? Check it out on paperinside page using banner below.


If you came looking for a simpler bumblebee papercraft model. You can check this Transparker version of bumblee also by paperinside. It looks cute too. Just click the image to visit the download page and get your template. The file comes with 2 pages, 1 for template and 1 for instruction. There is another template on the page, it’s the template for speed racer paper model.

Happy crafting and good luck if you are trying!

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