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Pop up Card: Simple Valentine’s Love Card


I know it is a little to early for Valentine’s but there’s no harm in early preparation. This pop-up  card will add a touch of fun to Valentine’s Day. The same technique can be used to make cards for other occasions, such as a tree for Christmas time, or a house for a friend’s moving day. Just need to be a little creative by coming out with different shape of figure to use as the base. If you are good with drawing then it’s easy for sure.

Valentines card papercraft

Download the template

This is the template that will be used as support. Note that the size is 7 : 8. So if you are planning on making various size of card, just stick to the ratio or make the support part slightly shorter than the heart shape.

Download : Valentine card template


Tutorial on making the Valentine’s pop up card

Step 1

The first thing that you have to do is to scale up the support from the template (which is shown on the your right side above) to the required size and cut out of a piece of thick yet flexible paper. Then fold a matching piece of paper into halves to form a card. It is up to you choose your combination of colors. Here’s a tip on it though. You can use light red to dark red, pink to red, white to red, silver or gold to red et cetera. Next, fold the support to the correct shape, and remember to crease the tabs upwards. This is the part that actually stick to your heart shape.

Step 2

Next, glue the support to the backing card near the top, ensuring that the crease on the support exactly touches the crease on the card. This is to make sure that your heart shape able to stand nicely and properly without crooks. If you actually missed the matching crease you’d probably find your card all crooked. Note that the support is symmetrically placed over the crease. Just a small reminder: It is best not to make the support too small. Keep to the 7:8 ratio. yup! the support is one size bigger than the heart shape.

Step 3

Now, cut out a heart shape in red paper (or whatever colored paper of your choice) and glue it to the tabs at the top of the support. Again, Make sure the asymmetrical aspect is monitored. Decorate the inside border of the card to match according to your heart’s desire. Regardless of how you decorate the card, the best part is actually when the card is opened the heart will spring out and surprise the recipient. Ta-da!!


So, what do you think about this pop up card, simple isn’t it? It may not look as cute as the one  that is being sold in stores but some people are more appreciative for things that we made with our own hands. You can go for the sentimental value *wink*

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One comment

  1. Rose

    not sure where my comment went, but i just mentioned that your card is nice n simple
    and that i’d just yesterday posted an article with 3 valentine cards projects, one of which is a popup.

    the one i posted is more embellished and quite whimsical, but it’s more advanced.

    take a look and let me know what you think..


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