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Free Pop-up Cards Tutorials and Templates On wikiHow


How to make a pop up card? Where to find pop up card tutorials? Are there pop up card templates available for any event like Christmas, birthday, valentine etc?

Are you one of those asking the questions just like those above? If so, you came to a right place because I’ll introduce you to this one site which offers a whole lot of things about pop up card. Well, what makes a great gift if it wasn’t for surprises right?! The sites provide you from articles, tutorials, templates to detailed guideline with graphics included. Yup, as you can see above, the templates can be found on WikiHow papercraft site. It’s only a few examples but they look just great, aren’t they? So rather than taking my time getting from one card to another one and posting them here, I decided to make a review on this page instead. This is not a paid review, just my personal thought. Definitely on the Recommended dish! :P


Well, while looking for cute and nice paper art and paper craft templates to add into my collection I stumbled upon this one, wikiHow Pop Up Card page. And after surfed bout 4 to 5 pages, I can conclude that its page is great and very informative.

  • It has many detailed tutorials with graphics.

The sample is made with just a plain white color paper. But it’s not a drawback since it’s just a sample. We can use up our creativity to match up the object with suitable decorated paper. eg: green for tree. red for love shape.


  • Tutorials always come with templates ready to download.

This one is a great bonus. Templates can ease people workload, especially when following the tutorials. And it can be printed and saved to be used again in the near future even after the original article had been removed.


  • Always up to date when it comes to themes and events. Frequently updated.

Worth to bookmarked. There are many events every year. When we are thinking on making a simple pop up card to match the theme, this page might come in mind.


  • Authors sharing their creativity. A lot more to come on various subject.

Many choices to select. Since in a same theme and category, many authors and volunteers are contributing their products.


  • Easy, simple and quality products. Good resource for every age including kids.

So far, I don’t find any template which is too difficult, so I’d say it is suitable for everyone.


  • The layout is nice and easy to navigate.

One attraction of this site, it is neat and easy to navigate. The layout is not shabby either. Neither crowded with text and stuff nor too simple. A very informative site. No wonder wikiHow is kinda famous :D


Part of tutorials can be found on pop up card :


Yep! Now that you know, you can start dishing today! And right away :) have fun crafting~!

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7 comments so far

  1. Carol

    There are more than 20 tutorials for different pop up mechanisms on my blog.


    Fath Reply:

    Thanks for sharing them Carol

  2. José


    This can also be used for some more elaborated bizz cards.

    Best regards,



  3. connor

    i like the turkey popup by the way thanksgiving is today ,connor p.s. send me a message please


  4. chandrasen

    merci pour tous ces exemples, je suis éducateur et cela va me servir pour occuper les personnes avec qui je travaille.
    encore merci et bravo


    Fath Reply:

    Merci, je suis un éducateur en moi-même. Vous êtes les bienvenus.

  5. chandrasen

    je suis à la recherche d’une boite en pup up, forme soucoupe volante, ou je pourrai mettre des photos dessus. SOS


    Fath Reply:

    Did you check my other article? There are other free examples here : http://printable-paper-art.info-ebazaar.com/free-diy-kirigami-pop-up-greeting-card-patterns/

    May be you will find what you are looking for.

  6. avni

    i am interested to learn kirigami stuffs!!


  7. callista

    I was looking for 3D papercraft when came across this i would love it if there was a few more detailed designs though


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