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Vehicle papercraft : Free bus paper model templates


A huge selection of paper toy buses, come with multiple colors and free templates. Easy to make, even for kids!

Greetings everyone! it’s been awhile since my last post about vehicle paper crafts and models. We have paper cars and train paper models here but no buses. So enjoy this easy to make bus paper models. Same pattern for all of them and the only difference is their color.

Bus is the most popular transportation nowadays. Tell me which country does not have buses for public transportation. Honestly, it has been awhile since I use public buses for transportation.  I’ve even forgotten about the fare price even. Well, I know one thing for sure that it’s on an increasing pattern, like double compared to when I was a kid. Driving my own vehicle is  much more comfortable except if I need to travel far away and am too lazy to drive.


Bus paper craft model


Back to the bus paper models, like I said there are many paper buses to choose, hundreds of them actually. They are divided based on districts; Hiroshima, Yokohama, Tokyo etc. So some of them might have a bit of Japanese letters on it. But don’t worry, the site is actually in english. It’s a simple site and easy to navigate. The major fall back is just, it doesn’t have a sample for each of the template. You can only download the pattern and use your imagination skill to assemble it. Well, it’s easy to assemble, who need sample and tutorial anyway. Because assembling these paper buses are like folding a paper box. Easy, even for kids.

Ok, I’ll try to look for school bus paper models next. It’s one of the most popular model for kids project. So to visit the site, and download the template of bus paper models just click the download banner below.


For your convenience, here are the direct links to bus paper models and toys by section :

  1. Hiroshima bus paper models
  2. Yokohama bus papercrafts
  3. Northern Districts bus paper toys
  4. Tokyo and Vicinity bus papercraft templates
  5. Japan Central Districts bus paper models
  6. Kyoto, Osaka and Vicinity paper buses
  7. Japan Southern Districts bus paper model patterns
  8. Overseas (Washington, Chicago etc) bus paper model template

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